i like

i love people with no pretention. no way pretending. that’s how life is injected into us. maybe we should not think of life at all. maybe life doesn’t want us thinking about it. and maybe the best to to is to pretend not doing it.

i love _____. she doestn give a shit if shes prettier or uglier. or how i’ll define or. or how she is defined. either she is fine or she is de-fined. she’s like the walk on the wild side. she’s like the sweet jane. i want to mary sweet jane.

i got closer to a gril tonight as hell as i could. i thought ” what would my friends do?” they know her they also had fun with her. we all talked about but no one talked about anything at all. i wanted to walk. called a closer friend. he was at another closer friend a (rprincess to me) o mine’s home anywayz so i said thats what i mean andkept my bold decision on walking. then there she was. she walked with me. invitied me home. thoguh i only wanted to have a walk, have a beer and get the fuck off. then i couldn’t find the place i wanted to drink in. then thnigs got silly. now sitting on a couch, a girl smokin dope beside, which i dont but had to inhale. than  i again asked her goodbye, “may i leave and leave you alone without making you more restless?é. now i’m home

now i’m thinking.

what would a friend o mine do

shes a girl man jump on her.

i dont do jumpin on girls high like a kite.

where did your friends go then

one was high on ex and other were full of the rest.

now i’m home.

i love people who don’t pretend.

if i pretended. i wpuld have had the f.ckin. would have had the geeks more and more. maybe partying afterz and so

but the best was

went to the toilet. waited for a 30 secs. a girl came and stood by. i asked myself, i’ll be an gentlman, give her a way and stuff. sweating. unisex toilets. damn.

both doors opened up.

shocked in face. she says

that was nice.

i say

i was thinking to give you wa….

she says

lets see if we’ll go out at the same time

i forget. get in. pee. smoke. plush. get out.

there shhe was.

her hands were not dry =)

urban night. “leyla + aysun” 18-19 07 2007

ulus baker

ulus baker 2006

başımız sağolsun. aynı çatı altında bir gece uyumuşluk bile nur indirir insana.

“What is Opinion?

We have lived at least one century within the idea of opinion which determined some of the major themes in social sciences;… In short, social sciences were designed in terms of opinion; asking people what they think about themselves, their lives, their stories, their issues, their problems. And I believe that social sciences have been transformed into a kind of doxology, but I’m tending rather to oppose this status of sociological research. My problem here is that; sociology is epistemologically -or logically- tending rather to become a general opinion about opinions; of what people are supposed to think about themselves and others. And this a clear distinction from the early emergence of social sciences and social research in general…And, through this, in social sciences, we have lost the ability to create (what we may call) the “life of affects” -an affective life…

Ulus Baker”


ne zaman oldu bilmiyorum

oldu mu olmadı mı? lar. oldu mu bizim olmadı mı lar?

kendimleyim. “kendime gel”leyim. emir kipiyim kendi kendime.

kendi kendimeyim.

kendime meylim.

durun biraz orada.

bir kendime geleyim.

bir sana bir ona bir buna.

when everybody CAN and you CAN NOT.

thats identical.

everybody zigs.


thats wonderful.

kelimenin dibindeyim.

şeker kız kendiyim.

dull young

en ebeveynli hallerden rövaşatalı yine beyinler. oldular olacaklar. nutukları bize ulan kayın valide de delerin. mişlerin maşrapaların. olmaraşlı olamamışların. en oyuncaklı oymayacakları dönemsemeler. döndüm gel durdum git ler.

kelimeler yine dans ede akıllara gebe;

bize ” if two loves one others eat shit ” ler

time to aim our arrows at the sun. solda da güneş parlıyomuş hadi ya.

güneyden gelirken göremedim kuzeyini olanın bitenin. olayını biteyini. olamayınını patlasınını.

öyle ol mayın da PAT lasın. ınınınını

nutuklar tavlaya kemike beleş bi düşeş bi hem cüsse pencüse hem de üçaaara iki pencidü yine


bi de dursak durulsak. Hediye kuponu yutuvericez. tekmili birden where the art thou been deyip sktiri çeikicez nallarla yeryüzüne. ama gök yüzünde biri solmuş. kim üzdü o yüzden seni. arka yüzüne bakalım madem.

_____________________________________ . / 0 hahaha

what the fuck is wrong with the universe? where did the gravity go?

what the fuck is wrong with the universe? where did the gravity go?

ama handle edemeyeceğin davaya amin demek türk işi bir belediyenin çabası
——– says (04:28):
amin demedim.
——- says (04:28):

– :: says (04:28):
-miş gibi yapmışın eşşhedü…


_ says:
mhm, aradım evden açmadın, aklım sende..
_ says:
kocaman bi buket uzun saplı küçük sevgiler yollamak istiyorum sana
_ says:
but you’ll have to make do with this..


i hope so =)

do me a favor for pavor

bana bi iyilik yap;
denize at.

çünkü oradan babam çiksa
yirim yirim yirim…

” Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.
Helen Keller