Im half sick on the drinks you mixed
Through your

True dreams
Of wichita


virg├╝ller sonras─▒ oknu.

adedinizi skym. adetten olsun niceniz.

(freestyle verse)

” Just as you take my hand
Just as you write my number down
Just as the drinks arrive
Just as they play your favourite song
As the magic disappears
No longer wound up like a spring
Before you’ve had too much
Come back and focus again

The walls abandon shape
You’ve got a cheshire cat grin
All blurring into one
This place is on a mission
Before the night owl
Before the animal noises
Closed circuit cameras
Before you’re comatose”


i know i know

once in a twice months and wrong engilish….

enough of the rabarba

let get to doing

no these were not what i thought of writing

but you





“my kisses tou you. ay kis yu ulalayn”


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