obsession confessionals


things got to me. i started o think like a thing now and then. i starred. things shined. thoughts dwelled. things got well now and then. got to thinking, didin’t love the surround noises, didn’t want to be interrupted by the public. had to find something or someone to get to love, and to be loved and spoiled, but thinking on it would’nt overcome the issue. things sucked now and then. i sucked. thinking of sucking sucked. life sucked. the hole life out of us.

i’m still. still life. i’m life that i wish no one would live in me. i’m someone elses life and dream and wanna tell that someone else there’s nothing special about this. that someone else is my thoughts, my things, my obsession. but there’s nothing special with that too.

i’m yet. and yet but not. i could laugh myself out like a toy. i liked all toys. not myself being a toy.

i fooled myself yesterday through a genious’s mind. geniousity. i fooled thath genious was no special. no fool was ever special like that genious’s being non-special.

i read these words then:

” the glass is neither half full, nor half empty. it is twice as big as it has to be. ”

then things stopped. glass broke and bunny rabbits came out of it. water was still. and yet. shaped. sharp. shock.

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