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lonesome is another boring form of freedom.

when you are _
what you are really,
you are almost free to do anything you’ll ever want to do. but it takes the will to do it.
“that ambition. that focus and decisiveness.” ( most say ofcourse ¿  . | •)

(now here see how ‘you’ transforms into a ‘preferrable being’.(yea it s.cks)
most literature lovers and bohemians may like this.
i don’t know if i like it or not. it’s just an anagram. a provoke. a promote. ( . | • ) )

is that really; why when you’re alone you are almost irresponsible to anyone, anything to do what the ever you want to do…?….
you just have to decide; you have that will to or not do it…

which is boring.

so when alone, we can do almost anything; which are boring and which we are almost free to do but we almost do those things.
meaning we don’t.
and we have the right to choose
not DOING it.
meaning we won’t.

so when we are free.
we are bored enough to live and do it alone.

which sounds c o m f o r t i n g.

“doing nothing is still doing something
since you’re doing it”

you me we they i eye

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