“büyük katliamları küçük insanlar yaratir”

yasayan buyuk bir katliaminiz olarak efenim


when things are done they are what they are…

not meant to be

aliskanliklarimiz mesela
istemiyorum klavyeye basmak kalemi elime almak kagida yine kararlar karalamalar lamalamalar yamalar filan skik boktan haller

ama yazicaz da
done √ deyip geçicez

done means Do-one
when you do it it becomes past in a way
past means a bird flying near an arrow
medieval times mate

no thing kept us there
nothing happened there

when you see someone in vein and in pain
it is done
don’t ask


ancients cried hard when they were hit. the sound made it, like they were incomfortable with the situation. see, you’ve got an arrow in yor chest and how do you cry? do you cry?
cry stands also for scream. and the word comes out (not the word maybe__ but the sound) is something similar to


that moment
you don’t know if theres a scar or pain or any other thing that ‘ can’t ‘ be



what now the bar man cries

you’ve seen your best friend in worst moment, you’ve not paid any of the beer i gave you’ve got no idea what matters i have

i’m a littlie carnage
you want to cry out
cry wants you out
its all inside

and shall be kept a f.ckin secret.

and by doing this clicking
im open to all secrets.
except yours. not more than mine.

carnage. to communicate is total carnage.
when you don’t, you get it.

carnage garbage

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