now that we are almost clear

let’s re-rise our sins:


seven things could be anonymously the ones that we love.

biz sevenler olabiliriz.


“tell me right now what i am thinking for christ’s sake ” diye bağırınıp

aslında hiçbirşeyi paylaşmadığımızı anlayabiliriz.

hava gerçek kadar ağır.

ve gerçek ağır kadar ellerimizde olabilir.



5th of the things,

we need a fact.

the fact.

the fact is

we don’t know anymore

what we used to feel.

while we felt

is (was) just only a knowledge of how things might be.


1st of all we might say. (after/hence)  all those speechless days and mindless feelings.

someone should somehow remember.



is that what you WERE to say?

word count said before these. 111.