talk out loud series 01

‘tartışma’nın önceliği,

uzlaşıp sarılmanın (eksikliği)  ‘ yoksun’luğundan

olsa gerek.

algıdan algıya dönürü

the appearance of the belief for ‘the existance’ ‘to be’ is that  they fail;

yet they appear to be. as if they were.


today, accidentally,

while peeing in a bar – like humans do

i saw my ahndwriting on a wall. i didn’ remeber writing it there. but i remembered how i felt writing there.

then i recognized some other writing — this is important- a handwriting with pen, other than my own (as i recall mine now) charcoal letterss, there stood a miniscule ‘braininpain’ with the first ‘a’ with a curve fro the head to inside.

hereby i state this. 

we remember. 

not regret. not to forget.

things we do reveal themselves. as they are.



i adore myself being not another one. being a ‘no one’.

and again.

i declare my respect and the deepest of all love,

to whom,

having the best out of greater intelligence and idiosyncrasy

but yet

emotional awareness

of the reality of scenes.