wtr_lnd_air part IV

me and my porno angles

the view is clear, the air is here.

the sea is even cooler than tear.

any door, any time.

most of the time. most beautiful view.

the thought of have been there, is right here with me.

in me out me, keep me, hold me, live me, leave me.

i am in rainbows now, where a god cries.

takes photos of us from above, sending the lightnings nice.

how red can a meat be

how wet can a sea be

how  happier than a happy bee,

any bee, with the honey in me?

now that we are awake, let’s celebrate the souls recharged.

purified and clarified,

the mind seeks for newer shines. sun is not over the sky,

it is just in me right now.

me and my porno angles.

i always hated my heat. now knowing it works for the meat. let’s eat what i just cooked, there are crows now to feed.

carefully fueled. easily smiled. eyes watchingg us, sees the shine within us. when the skies are low, it is the rain that falls bringing the ultimate happiness on a torrid climate. it is the feeling within, keeping the heartbeats cool, brainworks smooth.

safranbolu. safram dolu. el mi yaman, belim mi bükük.


and my