worn into these

without the night

there would be no light

the definition of the sight


körolmayasıca yanından geçişlerimiz. gözlerin, içeriden çok dışarıya baktığı, hislerin dışarıdan çok içeriye aktığı, ışık altı kalbur üstü yansımalar dolu sevişmeler bunlar.

under the light everything is alright.

self_shadowing the moment

please un_lighten me the holy definition of life

the more i like the idea of life

the more the laughters rise

our imaginary selves become  one

on one another. it is our light that darkens others shadows.

without the night. no shadow, only instincts to follow.

without the light

paths drawn before us, unseen.

i’ll be in where you are, honey.

i had always been.


just found this…

it feels so mistakebly ok, now; every end seems like a better beginning for a way much better end.

so let’s assume, it is innaturably in our nature to summon meanings and unquestion ungiven answers at almost anytime for a better nothing. or should i say ‘at least but the best’ ?

” it’s true, it’s strange not living on earth anymore, not using customs you hardly learned, not giving the meaning of a human future”

-Rilke (?)

this looked like a letter. (lol)

so take care, till next time realizing shadows falling before oneself.