hope you will. if not?

hope you’ll read this
finally got the chance to give you some layered writings after all… mojito’s worth it.

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welcome =)
mojito dayz

in a place again inconvenient
in a place again small as a matchbox full of details
at somewhere, dunno what word comes after or before.

in a mood
tired but convenient of what has happened through a week.
” ” ” ” ” what have i become and what shall it(the life itself) be

then people
tell me

“some eyes are led on you, buddy”

i look around
see a runaway smile eye

i look.
she looks

hope that she
hope she won’t be going away

and maybe again
hope that’s not

but she smiles conveniently the other day

how r ya?
in plural
though my fella asked for a drink
and she brought it with her hands
im jealous already

i recall, fine and you?

in singular

we drink our mojitos.
i am convinced she wouldn’t break my heart

though may be

don’t play for the crowd, play for yourself i recall
when you play
and if it is a game
crowd will *surely* salute you

i dont believe it

i believe
not to play
not to act

and when in underwater
or in deep silence
we are somehow

undiscovered lovers at a glance
with hearts already broken
but ready to be forgotten.

sometime around april – years ago insome insanely other place.

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