baş lık sız retina

linus. nietszche. school projection. substitution. whatever it was it is just hangin on my mistreatedsketcheswall still. nope. it is there =)

school times. charcoal dreams. easy to blur with finger with lucid perception.

projection—yea i am laughin too

retsina. reçine.

i think i have more than i need. i beleieve i shouldn’t have that.

the thing is.


“if less is more, how’you’re keepimg score?” – eddie vedder

ok. this is my playground. i saw this stencil in 2000 at da school

“hiç, yoktan iyidir”

the derrida lost its


those days.

i believe i have more than i need. my dreeams have less than anything else. ———————–eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

i dream about a total nothing. till we have it all, nothing will be free

this is madness. i hate society. ihate to be disturbed by any being im the/DA society. girlfriend. family. manners. f.ckall. pictures. to face. to sur-face.

those were DA dayz. crazy indeed.

hope we are not lonely.



we is. to be with some other unbearable being again? why are WE so unbearable. way ayı olmalaır way. o neyse artık. çocukluk baki kalsın, olgunluğumuza dönmeye çalışalım. yerde mavi bi taş buldum ve ölene kadar başucumdan çıkarıp oynıcam onunla. yanımda kim uyursa uyusun. mavi rüyalar. yea it is in catalon. seneye 12me geri dönüorum. diştellerim sıkıştırıyo cierimi.

hope you’re not lonely.

these were not my points. but at least we made ’em.

“hope you’re not lonely/without me” – again eddie.


hope we are as alone as any happy should be. let them be.

“he who makes a beast ofhimself / gets rid of the pain of being a man”

.with some jack black accent on hi-fidelity.

lets have some. divinity.dignity. any word ending with -ny and begin or end with d. deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

retina. retsina.reçine. now it is again notwist. but nut this time of any night or time of the year or night.

night is upon us. with some typography. as good as the wp template says we can do. thaaaat iiis to


you love yourself. please keep on doing it.

i admire things. thath don’t disturb the surround. and keep on being so admirable in an infamous but yet unknown way.

i admire. eye reecords. agent reported.

neden bitmiyo bu yazı?

society–eddie–into the wild.

i’m floating in you

as deep as we can be.