fair:well then


”And stop deling with that disappointment – arising from social animals – inside of you. Just be yourself… Whoever it is and how many it includes.

Some others do not appreciate that code of silence of yours. Those some others desire words spoken with honesty and sincerety…

So that nobody has to give up anything, no self and just accept that permanent truth of that time.

A farewell has to be spoken to be a farewell…”

silence is not all the time something to be appreciated, though all the proposals are almost welcome. except one.

i accept. my code of silence. why not others’ or somes’ or those and sums of loads of others’. and but not mine? but not you?

no expectation of it being appreciated.

just accept.

things are always as close to simple when they are that complex.

fair enough.

well. ¿

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