so what happens 2day


what a mess.

what i missed. it’s strange how many we can be at once. all to be said is. it’s life. just hoow boring it is. just how crowded. daring. ignorant. i do NOT appreciate life. it’s all existence in any form. so_me_how learnt 2 struggle/get along/ with it.

2day 2 things happened. in te cab i was in in the mornin, an elder (not older) man tried to get (hop) in. thoguht the cab was empty (available?). well i was in. opened the door. sat. and said the destination he was meant to be. driver took a smile and gazed. he looked back and saw me.

then on the way back home (after 2many ignorant lifeforms and 2many lifeforms that are complainant how ignorant everything is) i was ignored. eye ignores 2many things. time is a consumer. somehow ignorance s a product of time. and we are damn fuckin good customers as ignorance sellers and time eaters.

and i missed-un messed- stable ignorance.

being able to ignore time.

“Yeah yeah yeah yeah

All in all is all we are (x13) “

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