wtr_lnd_air part II

i like almost each second of taking these pictures. click click.

monsieur ernst ( !*? edvard_eduvar ) munch. monsieur orwell. monsieur meticulous.

they ask– “so you don’t believe in god.”

i pause. replying silently, i might not be able to believe in ‘a’ god, capable of creating “may be“s. that’s why there may be god, and i may not believe in.

then comes the beady belle song, taking the conversation far from an ernst m√ľnch_scream painting. or at least resemblance. resemblance is membarance :D aphorysm is working, oxygen inthe body and the metabolism, we announce, we are f.ckn happy :) and dance.

the details, become visible. each likely thing is to become unlikely.

may be they were. but all the time seeing details, but not accepting them silently was the most obvious and sociable detail. even pronouncing the thoughts. let them be.

hell yea. we find the mines at the first street we ran in to. and at the muslim side. geez.

being invited inside. welcoming from the outside %)

now on to the part III