whose turn. who will return.

mostly defined not with but what we are, but by who we are, we are all defined in and around the time we live in. events we experience. faces we see. meanings we mean. hearings we hate. all of a sudden, we ae not; now; what or who we are. but which, we were.

i haven’t been around. i willl wander around in another daydreamer’s nightmare tonight. to the night, i will grow. each time with this instinct, i know another fine part of me will be de-fined, re-fined, and end up dying. and it is pretty… comforting. will make up stories of ones i see, experience their unliving experiences whic i will make up, and wander in those stories. while looking at them. even when listening to them. or maybe even better, not even listening to them. still, comforting. to have known, what might have happened with others, might not just happen to anyone but themselves. even for me. i’ll be forced to pretend, that i had enjoyed those moments they’ll tell me all about, as i was a part of that past. other’s past-reality, will become my daydream again. and i won’t pretend. i will enjoy that moment. to the end.

an-sızısı. ansızın, ansızlık. time dies every moment we discover we have it.

old notes. new book. well thoughts. just had the chance to play around this one. from3 years ago.

is this darkness in you too?

waiting to be revealed?

what happens when darkness is revealed?

delirium, delicious.

don’t make me, please

fall in to your past.

should i wish to have been in that past?

should i whish, i had that past, with you?

whoever you were then.

who ever you are now.

wherever we are though.

hello. goodnight. goodluck. goodbye.

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