stop man


stop being so un sarcastic

stop being so whatSOever , read in ‘ant’ meaningless moment of time. ants and uns

we don’t deserve time

and meanings.

stop the_ un’s

i ‘hate’ it

and when so olamadığın kadar ve başkasının piisiisinde yazmak zoundayken ( zorunluluk) (( shift’ebas’))

zamanı hak etmiyoruz

dinlediğimiz müzikler, o müziği yapanların

bizimle paylaşmayı seçen iyi niyetli ruhar.

biz belki olamadık.  şuan noktadan sonra düzeltiyosam herkimsen okuyan,  saolasın da vakit kaybı,

sonraki satıra geç

ve bi öncekisatırla dolu bi şey oku

sonrakine geç


no soul could. stop our meanings.

music meant everything

but to be.

so i love friends

but i adore

falling in love with deep frienship.

whatever it mans.

i adore


what happens is a good and a small summary, i was meant to keep the blog, i told  batur and derya that i needed to listen to some songs, (i’m still at them now) commala handsout me the Smashing Pumkins_adore Album ccover to bemine, i tell him when i got ( bought) the whole album at university, does not accept

makes me granted for this.

and i had just asked for  annie dog

now  we had listened to many other more like that

had the influuence of frusciante

and that of not the prank boredom and darkness

and we have dealt with happiness and joy, as by mans of being alike,but not the same.

i’d only like  who we weRE  not

and what we could not be. but…

i feel now.something.

when it means nothing at all.

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