really, oh… really… oh?

does anyone know,

peter green died.


death. you know,

not being capable of doing stuff.


did you guys notice, you’re having a little more

digital junk space than

we expected?

do we really care about your photography,

fed on your latest leather watch 

while you shout you are

aware, vegan, sincere?


do you think we can resist your impatient constant attention seeking?


simply no.

oh btw,

did you notice the earth

does not give a shite

about your:

@ thing, @ another thing, mentioning hashtaging

blah BLAH 

self ego masturbating stuff?



keep killing the life,

against embracing your own.

world does not give a shit.

earth never did.

it’s you people,

killing what’s there to live,

then complain when there’s none to be in.


Did anyone knew,

Peter Green?

Will you be remembered at all?


well known favorite:


populated, Albatross.


i’d like to remember this peter green moment in my life.

Slabo Day