this piece of writing, is not new, but i can not remember who wrote and leave this to me. i remember, i had written and drawn things at the back of this piece (peaceful) paper, way back at my old house. while moving, i can not leave my dirt anywhere. new home with old habbits, is not a newer life.

in the evening i found some of my writings and stuff on the back of this paper. in the evening i saw this side. in the morning. it was still there.

whoever the owner of that writing was,

i respect. thank you.

thank you for making me forget you easier. i don’t have hard time forgetting things, things i ive, peolle i experience. i drink and forget. idrink and can not forget mostly too. thank you for making this exceptional. :) and if you read this, don’t come around, reminding yourself.


here is what i can not respect.

“She roams restlessly about
She wears her sweater inside-out
She’s bewildered and led astray
She brought the wrong books for school today

Her black umbrella is opened up
She hasn’t noticed the rain has stopped
She talks with people who aren’t there
She looks through glasses she doesn’t wear

Like melted chocolate ice
Like withered edelweiss
She’s winged and yet she flies
Like a naked clown lacking her disguise

She is grateful for the clouceur
But the prize is not for her
She’s laid open to attack
When the door locks behind her back

As she waves her magic wand
there’s a whisper of despond
She is painfully unaware
That the rabbit isn’t there”

with respect

no more respect. “technically” i can not respect.


¿  !?   ¿

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