farewell v2.0


fair enough. every other heart beat is another shout out of heart broken bell ring. fairy enough, long a tale, lingalong tail with a feary jelly belly.

nobody ever cared.

i grieve.

i asked not to bite. if to be bitten, please just don’t spit hard on the ground. if to be done. i asked gently in my own harmful ways. my manners. nothing matters.

tales from above and below. no expectation is greater exception. acceptance of the exactness. tails on my belly tinkywinkywapities. is this fair? is that a fake fairy again? let’s assume it ain’t.

a fairy tale. a fare well tail.

i’m a killer baby. so why don’t you lose me.

stories from the other side to here. says mark sandman is happy with jeff there. and they write stories to the other side. that side is where we stand still. they have fun in their tinkerbellyjellyfishes. lalala. lilili. now having all those done, please go. but don’t hurt. bite. but please don’t spit. i’ll live my own story, for my own mindchilds. ain’t no good, ain’t no bad. it’s just it. just. that. it. i should have seen this coming to me. i should have seen me again, in such silly misery. no this is not dark. just the opposite of it though.

anyone ready to be fooled around? this is another ending, that couldn’t even begin.

cold is good. where did this sun come around and shone directly in to my eyes to blind me then? take your light and heat and please just go.

i am not welcome here anymore. i have never been. i got that now. i don’t need any privilege for anyone else’s time. i never had that. don’t want it anymore. i see, i am the jellybelly getalong-livealone one. i have to be. though i choose not to be.

but this heart is no good place to just kiddlewiddlepunchpokeanddance. it is not a room. it is an organ goddamnit.

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