summer has yet to come

with all the green eyes and the grayest of sorrow.

to burn a skin from a hollow

the less to use the words

the more the meaning they have?

burn in which meaning of a which language?




as a prelude or (an)overture.


i miss your greenest eyes. (i hence recall the color)



as if we can not be. meant two.



sun lies in your bed. hot as hell.

i can even smell it in the cabs i take from not so crowded gettogethers but too many words as people in my home

in the cabs i sense.

in the walking i smell.


those green eyes.

i smile


as for a closure.


fell in to the ocean. but won’t you please.


lay your head where our hearts used to be.

o my green eyed bpdp.


end as an underture:

as a four… 4

there lies the scent the touch and all that nothing that could be more faithful and meaningful


whatever it was.

for whoever you were. and whatever ‘we’ was.

admiration is a form by means of making sense…

here is my OVERadmiration, for senses i still tend to make.


___________ 5 ?

my eyes are burning.